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Baby Bathing Made Easy by Shnuggle

Baby in baby bath by Shnuggle

This week's guest blog comes from Shnuggle, the inventors of one of the best baby baths on the market. The Shnuggle bath won Gold for Best Baby Bath at the Junior Design Awards in 2016 and we're huge fans of this safe and stylish bath.

Over to you Shnuggle...

When you're a new parent, bathing your baby for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience. That is until you have a Shnuggle bath to wash your baby in!

Shnuggle have changed stressful baby bath time into a fun and easy experience for both parent and baby. Bath time should be quality, one on one time with your baby. If mum is breast feeding, bath time is also great bonding time for dad.

TOP TIPS         

1) Make sure you have all your essential items at arms reach before you begin so you don't need to interrupt bath time and baby can have a fun, hassle-free soak. Items such as towels, baby bath wash, clean nappies, cotton buds, babygro and water thermometer are good to have on hand when needed. 

2) Place your baby bath on a flat, secure surface. Preferably a waterproof space such as your kitchen sink, bath or even shower cubicle. If you have a very bouncy baby who loves splashing, you'll thank us for mentioning the waterproof space!

3) The ideal water temperature to bath your baby in is 36.4°C, which you can check with a bath thermometer before putting baby into the bath. 

4) Place baby into the bath and gently wash with a damp muslin or sponge. Start with baby's face and ears, working down to neck, shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees and toes. Be careful not to miss any creases or between fingers and toes and use cotton buds to clean the outer part of the ears. 

5) Although baby won’t have much hair yet, you can still wash this area, but it is recommended to do so without shampoos as their skin is still very sensitive. You can gently wipe over their hair with the sponge and the water that is already in the bath.

6) Clean baby’s genitals last, and remember for girls clean front to back.

7) As baby's skin is a lot more sensitive to ours, make sure the room is not chilly for them getting out of the bath. 

8) After bathing gently pat baby dry, and again be careful not to miss any creases /skin folds where moisture can gather. Me & Buddy recommend Cuddledry apron towels as the safest and easiest baby towels to use.

9) The best time for bathing a baby is before bed as it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, supporting a good night’s sleep.


How can the Shnuggle bath help?

Designed by parents of three little ones, inventors Sinead & Adam are very familiar with the trickiness of bath time. They designed the clever bum bump in the base of the bath to help secure baby, the foam back rest to keep it cosy and the compact shape to help keep the water warmer for longer.

If your baby is a newborn, you will have to help them sit upright as they cannot support themselves. As baby grows, the less support you will need to give as the bath's bum bump will support them sitting up, meaning you will have two hands to wash baby. You wont have to worry about washing and supporting baby simultaneously. 

The Shnuggle bath makes bath time safer and less stressful but also is perfect for older babies who may have additional needs and need more support during bath time, while helping develop important motor skills and core strength. 

It is recommended for use from 0-12 months and as baby starts to sit on their own, the bum bump makes them feel secure while giving them a feeling of independence.

Remember, bath time should be a fun experience for parents and babies, so enjoy it while they are still babies. It gets a lot harder when they grow up and they suddenly become allergic to the thought of cleanliness and bath time!

It's also a great opportunity to get smiles and take pictures.

Please share with us your baby bath time tips and tricks below! 

Find out more about the Shnuggle brand HERE

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