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Autumn Baby Skincare by Bloom and Blossom

picture of toddler with Autumn Baby Skincare by Bloom and Blossom

By Julia Yule - Co–founder and Director of Bloom and Blossom, Mummy of 3 children (below), multi tasker, lover of shoes, wine and much needed eye cream.

So the leaves are turning that golden glory, the sun is low and strong and there is a chill in the air. When it does it right, an Autumn day is my absolute favourite. As long as we are all wrapped up nice and warm there is nothing better than to play outside and enjoy this season for what it is.

However we all know that cold weather can play havoc on your skin. The heating is on, there are colds to catch and the biting air loves an exposed cheek, so you do need to be prepared.

I do not go anywhere without our Nip & Lip Soothing Balm in my handbag or nappy bag. It is a tiny little tube but such a power house. Soothing, gentle, natural – it can act as a barrier cream for cheeks and is the only thing to be using on your little ones' (and your) lips. Dab on to any chapped skin or irritation, and the soothing powers kick in immediately. 

Bathing at night can also be drying for a babies' skin so use a very gentle, SLS free bath product for gentle cleansing – our Gentle Baby Wash – does everything it says on the tin. 

As a barrier cream it is a must to use something on their cheeks when playing outdoors – those lovely rosy cheeks need a little protection and our Baby Balm is the hero here. Warm a little in your hands and smooth gently on to their cheeks - the gentle lavender fragrance is just so comforting.

Finally, if you are looking for a great gift – and you can give yourself a pat on the back here as mummy will also love it – you have to try our Mother and Baby Oil – nourishing, gentle and natural ingredients including chamomile and vitamin E are included to soothe the skin and seal in moisture.

Massage is absolutely part of our bedtime routine as we know how important this switch off time is. It should certainly be part of your routine, great for baby and also great for you.

Pictures of children in warm clothes in Autumn

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